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Target shooting

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Forum Name: Target Shooting
Forum Description: Think you are a good shot? Show is in here!
Printed Date: 23 Feb 2024 at 7:55am
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Topic: Target shooting
Posted By: jusepy82
Subject: Target shooting
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2023 at 3:14pm
Smileoh happy daysSmile

 Had a bit of time to kill and wanted to see how my new 362 performed with open sights at 10 yards with 10 pumps.
Using cometa exact jumbos 15.90 grains
Just emailed youngs about cost and avaibility of steel breech so i can put optics on her.

Any thoughts or criticism welcome

As long as there is lead in the air...there is hope.

Posted By: RangerPete
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2023 at 4:39pm
Looking good.
My eyes can no longer do open sights. 10m is a long way over open sights these days 😂

Walk quietly, but carry a big stick.

Posted By: jusepy82
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2023 at 4:47pm
I dont think I could do more than 20m over open sights. My eyes went a bit blury a few times during this session.

As long as there is lead in the air...there is hope.

Posted By: mercs
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2023 at 4:53pm
Thats time put to very good use, standard sights with several bulls is all I would need to be coming back for more. Nicely done looks as if using prone position which is well beyond me.

Ron has metal breeches currently on order so a few of us on the waiting list, they cannot be far away so get your order in. 

Overseas the 2250 comes as an XL version kitted out with a longer barrel and steel breech, not sure what they do for 362 models.

Posted By: jusepy82
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2023 at 4:59pm
Yeah this is from a prone position.
Oh really I hope he has ordered a few steel breeches. I was pretty stoked with the amount of bulls eyes I  hit , as the front sight actually covers the target and its almost guessing where the bull is..

As long as there is lead in the air...there is hope.

Posted By: Pauly5
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2023 at 7:58am
Good shooting with open sights. Have you tried the peep sight? (Flip the rear sight)

I found that quite good as it helped with vertical alignment too. Although I too have to deal with the blurr, I enjoyed using it.

Posted By: jusepy82
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2023 at 9:37am
Nah i found the peep sights weird haha , used to the normal sights but i may swap it back for a laugh and see if its any better. 
I really enjoyed shooting at this target and find myself looking at air rifles for sale again.
Wish I had never sold the cometa fusion .22 air rifle I had , man she was a tack driver.

As long as there is lead in the air...there is hope.

Posted By: J-S
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2023 at 10:05am
Looking good. I've never really tried open sights, but tried an old FWB 602 at the club the other night at 25 yards with its diopter sight.
It was blurry as buggery, but you could sort of line up the darker rings of the target and centralise it in the diopter. Below was 5 shots sitting position, as Pauly said give the peep a go - if you can get some alignment of the round peep and the round target you may surprise yourself!


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Posted By: kruzaroad
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2023 at 12:30pm
Oh the joys of getting older.
The back sight on the air chief we are mucking around with has two dots, my eye divides in to 4 dots when I sight through it. I just use the top two.

Posted By: kruzaroad
Date Posted: 16 Nov 2023 at 11:28am
So got out this morning set a target up at 80m for 1322.
So: wind 10km - 15km for first 25m, then 6km past the macs and back to 10-15km last 12m. Measured with anemometer.
Pellet. Jsb hades 15.89gr unsorted.
7.44 fpe at muzzle.
Crossman 1322. 14 inch barrel.
GAMO 3-9 x 40 @ x7 zoom.
21 shots to hit circle. Wind wasn't steady so they moved a bit shot to shot.
Couldn't hold range finder and camera steady enough to get pic while on target so ranged and then took photo of range finder distance before it turned off.
Couldn't get pic through scope to show how little could actually see with any detail, but got one to show how bare retical is.
Red arrow where bulls is on target.
Orange the target.
Blue approx point of aim.
Apart from the the one that hit the bull circle which has wood behind it, all others punched through cardboard.
Circle diameter 30mm inner, 60mm outer.
Pellet 22mm off center.
When wind dies off ill try to refine that and see how group.

All said and done apart from walking 160m everytime I hit target to check target be about 3km all up, a whole heap of fun.
Oh rested front of gun on bag (filled with maze)
Target is approx 4-5m lower that table height.

Posted By: kruzaroad
Date Posted: 16 Nov 2023 at 1:13pm
Hmmm just did a 5 shots no wind.
Don't think the hades unsorted and at this power and are stable enough.
Two got the wobbles and landed 320mm and 410mm under bulls.
1 hit with such a quiet sound I don't think it even dented the cardboard. It definitely hit but I can't find where.
Two that flew a nice arc and hit with a good solid sound are in the pic. 21 is the one shot in wind that hit bull.
Was aiming a end of branch that was pretty much on target for drop and windage, so the aim point was consistent.
But that will do me for a bit of fun. Never shoot game that far out with it and hades are great within the 25m shooting distance I use it on birds.
Think 100m which was where I was going to push it out to might be dreaming with this combo.
Still interesting experiment, should really try the AA and ftt maybe another day.
Be keen to see some same distance shots from c02 shooters with 22xx models. And the CR etc.

Posted By: kruzaroad
Date Posted: 16 Nov 2023 at 1:16pm
I stand corrected. The shot underneath is the one I couldn't find that hit soft. I've marked all other shots apart from this group and only just noticed it on pic.
Nope I lie. Just went down to check that lower shot, it was marked, it was the 10th shot in the wind.

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