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Another new member

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Printed Date: 27 May 2022 at 12:17pm
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Topic: Another new member
Posted By: Grey Kiwi
Subject: Another new member
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2022 at 7:38pm
Hi to all.
I'm a retired man and was thinking about returning to indoor smallbore shooting, but the price of rifles and ammo are certainly getting up there!
I bought my current BSA Martini 30+ years ago and paid the huge sum of $30.
So I'm looking at an air rifle for target shooting. I do realise that a good air gun will not be cheap.
But, I live in Nelson/Tasman area...any target shooting happening there?
I'd even be happy with a decent air pistol if I can find a like minded group locally.
I don't know that I'm interested in CO2 air guns though...for the costs involved might as well stick to a .22?
I'd like to hear your thoughts, recommendations, etc and maybe a pointer to a group where I can shoot locally.
Thanks for having me. Looking forward to 'meeting' members on this forum.

Posted By: mercs
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2022 at 9:25pm
Welcome and I look forward to hearing about your return to airguns.

If you are a fire arms license holder then the world of PCP's is wide open and they have been dropping in price over recent years. Expect to get a good rifle set up for $1200 - $2000, PCP pistols are very hard to find but do not require a FAL. Air supply is an additional cost and can add another $400 to $600. Hand pumps are a real work out and not exactly cheap at $300.

Modern break barrels and under levers are very low maintenance apart from some minor lubrication requirements. Scopes tend to have a short life on units over 12 ft/lbs but there are optics manufacturers giving life time warranties so not much risk there.

Red Dot and Reflex sights provide new options for close range work and are reasonable at $80 - $150.

40 - 50 yards Top end European springers will be in the order of $1200 to $1500.
15 - 25 yards Lower end models that have remain unchanged for a number of years can be good value at $350 to $600.

I have CO2 rifles and pistols, ease of use make them favourites with visitors or if teaching a younger user. The additional cost of some other energy types can buy lot of $2 CO2 cartridges.
CO2 options will range from a Crosman pistol at $280 to a Umarex rifle at $700, accuracy at 20 yards is probably better than any springer.

Beware of trademe prices which can be greatly inflated.

Rebuild kits for BSA models are readily available and if done well can give great results for less than $150.

cheers for now

Posted By: dvlnme
Date Posted: 09 Jan 2022 at 8:37am
welcome mate,i am 70 years old and changed over to using airguns for small game hunting pest shooting and target shooting 20 years ago,and havnt regretted the change,still own firearms just dont anymore use them much as dont need to,mercs is right bout pretty much everything,getting into top quality airguns of any type can be expensive,but the running costs once set up are not expensive,tho top quality pellets are since covid getting expensive now,i run a mix of spring gas ram co2 and pcp guns all my pistols are pcps which i build myself,as mercs said its virtually impossible to buy good pcp pistols or any co2 pistols todayand prices have gone crazy particually for pistols due to all types of air pistols essentually being banned inports under our new totally bs gun laws,i tend to think prices are being pushed up by demand from collectors and just plain greedy speculaters out to make a quick buck,if you have firearms lic there are often good buys at cheap prices on this forum and evan on trademe,because the demand for pcp rifles is limited today due to the lic requirement to own them,i guess it will depend on how accurate your expectations are for a target rifle or pistol as to what you are prepared to spend,top quality spring or gas ram rifles are exremely accurate as are most pcps,the really good ones are more accurate than firearms pcps are proberly easier to get the most consistant top accurracy from simplily because they are easier to master,have no recoil and excellent triggers,my advice is you go to a local airgun club see what they shoot and try a selection of different guns out find out if you like airgun shooting and the type of guns that suit you.
 cheers mike

Posted By: Grey Kiwi
Date Posted: 09 Jan 2022 at 11:17am
Thanks guys.
I haven't found a club in Nelson area. Only have a smallbore shooting fraternity.
I may have to join them as I do like my target shooting.
I will check with the local gun shops just in case they know of a air gun club.
Thanks for all the help so far. Much appreciated.

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